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Shane & Charity 
Pastors:                    Shane & Charity Christopher

Pastor Shane Christopher attended Newman Smith high school in Carrollton,Texas and graduated in 1993. While attending a summer camp that year he felt God was calling him into the ministry. In the fall of 1993 he attended the University of Texas in Austin for two years. He then began to feel God's call to attend Austin Graduate School of Theology. He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies in May of 1997. He was ordained into the ministry on May 25, 1997. Less than a week later Shane and Charity were married on May 31, 1997. Shane and Charity served as Youth Pastors  for 10 years at our sister church. The Shepherd's House in Lewisville, Texas. God then called Shane and Charity to serve as Senior Pastors at The Gathering Church, Which they have done,since June of 2007. They have two amazing children, their son Taylor and their daughter Alyssa.  They give all the glory to God for allowing them to be vessels that he can use to love the Lord, Love the body of Christ and to seek and save the lost:
Youth Ministry-            Shane Christopher & Billy Alexander
Children's Leaders-     Charity Christopher,  Lauren Smith                                                     Julie Alexander, Perla Robles, & Jennifer                                             Velazco, Jazmin Dominguez
Worship Team-  Shane Christopher,  Aimee P iezch,                                          Jay Stephey,  Taylor  Christopher, Victor Aguilar,                         &   Christian Robles          
Ladies Bible Study-  Charity Christopher
Board Members-  Shane Christopher,  Sonja Stephey, Billy                                     Alexander
Men's Ministry-  Shane Christopher, Billy Alexander                                          Marvin Hull, Roy Nabors