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About The Gathering Church
(Sunday mornings @ 10:30 a.m.)

You won’t find pictures of us in a stock photography book, or on our home page, or in any of the other places you find pictures of perfect people.  Our pictures are in yearbooks, in family photo albums, on the walls in our homes, or on Myspace; just regular people places.  We are not perfect, and as such, the “gathering people” represent a wide variety of imperfect people.  (See our Statement of Faith) 

Gathering People
In the fall of 2006, a group of people from the Kaufman county area got together to declare that we wanted a different kind of church.  Our vision was and is, to be real people who focus solely on loving God and loving others. 

Inward and Upward- The Great Commandment
The great commandment and the great commission, these two things encompass what we believe Jesus wants to teach us.  Thus, we gather to love God, love Others, and do our very best to learn, and actively follow the teachings of Jesus.  Like He said, and we are fully convinced of it, that where two or three of us are gathered in His name, He IS there.  Whether it be in our Sunday Services, Gathering Groups (small groups), The Uprising Youth, Legacy Children, or serving together in the community, He IS with us. 

Outward- The Great Commission
24-hour Church
As we march forward in our quest to actively follow Jesus, our vision is to be a twenty-four hour church, a facility that is open to anyone, anytime of any day, simply because are many junctures in the journey of life, where people just need Jesus “with skin on”.  Our ultimate goal is to become a full time facility, with areas to gather for coffee, to gather to worship, to gather for fellowship, to gather in the study and share, to gather for prayer, etc.  This vision is limitless and out-of-the-box. 

On Sunday mornings the Gathering Family room opens at 10 a.m., serving coffee and offering a time of fellowship.  You are welcome to come early.  At 10:30 we enter into Praise and Worship that expressing of our Love to God.  (Children's church begins immediately after the Praise & Worship.)  Then there is a time of preaching and teaching from God's Word, which is focused to encourage and to make God's Word relevant to everyday life.

We are a people who have decided not to simply sit in our padded chairs. It is our firm desire to follow Christ and walk out our faith. We invite you to join us as we seek out the lost and hurting, as Jesus did. 

The Gathering 
(Inward, Upward,  Outward) 
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